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Actor gabs on Web-only series

Josh Schwartz, creator and producer of ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘The OC,’ along with executive producer Alexandra Patsavas, has created a new Web-series exclusively on TheWB called ‘Rockville, CA.’

‘Rockville, CA.’ is set entirely in a fictional Los Angeles club called Club Rockville. The show takes the audience in the footsteps of a group of young, diverse regulars who attend the club to unwind to their favorite bands. Expect lots of gossip and relationship drama. An additional plus is that each episode will showcase actual bands or artists that will give 4 to 6 minute-long performances. Each band performance also coordinates with the plot of each episode.

Actor Andrew West, who plays Hunter, gave a little more depth and insights to his character and the show.’

‘Hunter was a well-written character,’ West said. ‘I did a reading and they brought me back one more time to read to the producer.’

After the second reading the producer gave West the job.’

‘It was something I really wanted,’ West said.

West’s acting career started when he began acting for roles in short films that his friends and he had written and produced. Soon after graduating from Indiana University, he decided to move to Los Angeles with his best friend to pursue his acting career. West landed his role in ‘Rockville, CA.’ just like any other role he had played before.’

‘It was like most other products, where I had to go to an audition. I got the first episode before I went into the first audition,’ West said.’

West described his role on ‘Rockville, CA.’ as something very different than all the other roles that he has played before. ‘

‘I played a so-called dim witted jerk on Privileged. On Greek, I played a cool, laid back (and) reserved guy,’ West said.

On ‘Rockville, CA.,’ West describes Hunter as a guy who has crazy ideas about music and talks with a quirky speech pattern.

‘ ‘I feel like Hunter might have the same impression as he does with the other characters. The audiences won’t like him that much,’ West said. ‘He can come off as annoying and sort of overly opinionated, but he (will) start to grow (on you) as times goes (on).’

West said the more you invest in Hunter, the more he will be likeable. He is a sweet and misunderstood kind of guy.

West would like to get more involved in film. If he wasn’t acting, he probably would be hitting the ramps to improve his skills on skateboarding.’

‘ ‘I am not quite good at it. It would take me so much to get better,’ he said.

West is extremely excited the show and said it is receiving a positive response.

‘ ‘I am very proud of that. This show is the next big thing,’ West said.

Catch new episodes of ‘Rockville, CA. every Tuesday, online at

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