Letter: Allowing guns will make college campuses safer

I’m writing in response to Alana MousaviDin’s op-ed ‘Guns on Campus?: Firearms may hinder University’s bid for flagship status,’ (Opinion, Thursday). How is it not smart to give students the right to carry guns on campus? Students will be able to protect themselves far better than waiting for police or security, which are known as a reactive forces.’

When seconds count, waiting minutes for help can cost your life. Giving students the ability to protect themselves does not send out a message of inadequate security, but sends the message that they do indeed care for the students.’

Current laws stop students or visitors from carrying on campus. Last I checked, criminals who go on shooting rampages don’t follow the laws. Gun laws just limit what a law-abiding citizen can do. By letting students carry, it helps UH extend campus saftey. An armed student will make a would-be criminal think twice about committing a crime to a student. Furthermore, a person with a CHL license has gone through stringent background checks, taken a required class to train and qualify. You must be 21 to own a handgun. The age limit on owning a firearm keeps immature students from carrying, and allows mature students to do so.’

If anything, a bill that allows a student to carry on campus will bring in more students because of overall improvement in safety. I urge people who are uninformed on gun issues to go to http://www.gunfacts.info to further educate themselves instead of just listening to the media.

An Le, business senior

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