Town halls to promote student participation

Students who logged into their e-mail accounts Monday received a message from the UH Strategic Action group urging them to attend Town Hall meetings scheduled for Tuesday through April 13. The Strategic Action group has ‘developed a document for broad-based consideration by the UH community,’ which was included in the e-mail.

The first meeting centers on ‘National Competitiveness/Tier I,’ with aims focusing on providing faculty with more opportunities to conduct research. Proposed aims include reducing teaching loads to give faculty more time to write grants for outside funding and making manuscript and proposal editorial and review assistance available.

The group has also formed various committees to make suggestions to bolster student success, community advancement, athletic competitiveness and resource competitiveness and gain local, national and worldwide recognition. They also aims to promote student success by increasing both the number and amount of merit-based scholarships and hold student athletes to meet or exceed national academic success measures. The group also suggests encouraging more students to pursue master’s degrees and doctorates to ‘expand and diversify its resource base.’

The committee in charge of garnering local and national recognition proposed conducting a ‘perception study’ of the University and ‘review(ing) ‘hellip; all marketing and public relation activities of the University from the past two years’ to determine the public view of UH and what changes need to be made in marketing efforts.

These proposals will affect the way the University is structured in the future in its quest for Tier-I status. Students should be acutely involved in the process, and these Town Hall meetings provide a way for them to make their voices heard. Open meetings give students the chance to contribute to conversation that will change the University for generations of future Cougars.

For a complete list proposed actions and schedule of town hall meetings, visit http://www.uhsa.uh.edu/uhstrategic/.

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