Report card gives ‘Sex’ talk

‘Sex and the City’ producers announce sequel: D

Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema announced Thursday that a sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie will be released May 28, 2010.

Hollywood is looking to cash in on yet another film adaptation of the HBO hit television series, which ran from 1998 to 2004.

Despite its eye-raising signature, the show drew fans more interested in what the main actresses were wearing than what they were not. And the city, New York, serves little more than a backdrop for the show’s biggest star – the fashion industry.

But in this economic climate, should a film like Sex and the City 2 still be relevant?

Considering the stimulus push to offer Americans credit forgiveness, it seems in bad taste to send audiences the message that they should continue to buy expensive items such as designer clothes. Maxed-out credit cards have left more women shopping at Goodwill than Neiman Marcus.

Note to all ‘Sex and the City’ fans at UH: No real woman can afford those wardrobes, and it would be foolish to blow your chance at good credit by trying to.

Bowling Green State U. censors art: F

Bowling Green State University faculty and students are crying ‘censorship’ after administrators have removed a sculpture depicting an adolescent girl performing oral sex on her teacher from a university exhibit, reported The Independent Collegian‘s Joe Griffith.

The piece titled ‘The Middle School Science Teacher Makes a Decision He’ll Live to Regret,’ was an example of artist James Parlin’s show’s theme: bad decisions and consequences.

‘The intent was to show someone making a bad decision ‘hellip; I never expected anything like this,’ Parlin told The Independent Collegian.

Parlin also said the sculpture’s removal surprised him since so few people had seen the art and it wasn’t visible from the entrance.

The administrators, who feared ‘problems with the press’ and the art being legally considered ‘child pornography,’ would do well to remember that artistic expression lies within freedom of speech.

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