Buy one class, get one free

Students taking summer courses have an opportunity to pay less for classes taken during the last six-weeks summer section.

UH is offering 23 summer courses at 50 percent off the tuition price.

‘Let’s say that a student pays $800 for a class, with the 2-for-1, they will pay $400 for one class and $400 for another class,’ SGA President Kenneth Fomunung said.

The University halved the price of courses that drew the highest summer enrollment, including seven freshman level courses and 13 3000-4000 level courses.

The 23 half-priced classes are effectively buy-one-get-one free. The Student Government Association’s five-point tuition plan includes the expansion of the buy-one-get-one free program to include more courses.

The expansions of the program might take effect as early as summer 2010, Fomunung said.

‘We want to do anything that will help students graduate on time or early,’ he said.

Fomunung wants more courses for incoming freshman and more core classes to be included in the 50 percent discount or in the 2-for-1.

‘We want to make the core courses more affordable and available for incoming freshmen and other students that need to take them,’ Fomunung said.

Many students are going to summer school regardless if there is a discount on courses or if they have to pay full price.

Theater freshman Josie Hood said she would go to summer school if she found that some of the classes she needed to graduate with were cheaper.’

Psychology senior Dennis Hightower said he’s going to school in the summer regardless of the program.

‘I plan to go to summer school anyway, I only have 15 hours left and plan to graduate early,’ Hightower said.

University Studies junior Linda Pham said price is a deciding factor when it comes to enrolling for the summer.

‘I work and go to school at the same time, and I will go to summer school if I can save money on the tuition,’ Pham said.

Some students are reconsidering summer school because of the tuition break.

Biology graduate Gregory Rhodes said he doesn’t know which way he would lean.

‘I don’t want to give up my whole summer for summer school, but I might reconsider going summer school with the lower tuition.’

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