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Freshman opens night club

Heather Duran: Why did you decide to open a club?

Mansoor Ahmed: I have a big plan, and there are other clubs I’m opening up. It’s an industry I like and through this industry I can increase my net worth. In this industry you meet a lot of people that roll deep, and with a lot of cash.

Duran: So why are you a mechanical engineering major and not business?

Ahmed: I think mechanical engineering has a very broad scope. Later on in life I would like to use my degree and get into oil. Oil is big.

Duran: What about the development of new ‘green’ technology and things starting to deviate from oil?

Ahmed: Oil is never going to go away until it literally dries up. And I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime.’

Duran: Are you from Houston?

Ahmed: No, I’m from Boston. But Houston is a great place to do business.

Duran: How so?

Ahmed: Houston has so much opportunity because it’s such a big city. I’ve seen that if you do business here you have a lot of chances. There are such big crowds. When I moved here I saw all this opportunity.

Duran: Why did you move here?

Ahmed: I have family here.’

Duran: What inspired you to open nightclubs?

Ahmed: I had an investment on my hand and I looked around wanting to invest it. I wanted something that would multiply fast, and nightclubs can multiply fast. I’ve had some other businesses like cell phone stands and stuff.

Duran: If the clubs start taking off while you’re in school do you think you’ll drop out?

Ahmed: My brothers and I stick together and have a plan, and I’m devoting my time right now. I will get to a place that, after my sophomore year, when things get more intense, I will devote more time to school.

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