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Pop rock duo changes styles

Big Sean

Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. music label has a bright future with Kid Cudi and West’s latest find, Big Sean. After a chance meeting with West and a freestyle for the rapper and producer, Big Sean was signed on.’

Big Sean is a perfect fit on the G.O.O.D. label, where he is surrounded by other artists ushering in a new wave of smarter, savvier hip-hop. It won’t be long until Big Sean’s music hits the airwaves and hits them hard. Fans of Lupe Fiasco will eat up Big Sean, and radio will also catch on.’

The UKnowBigSean mixtape is full of original rhymes and Big Sean’s own take on the Geto Boys’ classic, ‘Minds Playing Tricks On Me.’ The mixtape is available for free download at Big Sean is currently wrapping up his Finally Famous debut album, which is expected for a 2009 release.


Catchy sing-along pop rock is still vibrant with bands like Fireworks. While Yellowcard, The Starting Line and the majority of Drive Thru Records have fell off the map, Fireworks proves there is still a niche for new school pop-punk.’

If you were to link the pop-punk lineage, Fireworks could best be traced to New Found Glory. Fireworks isn’t reinventing the wheel or doing anything remotely original, but it is nice to see a new band gaining momentum that isn’t doing screaming Emo or wannabe dance rock.’

Fireworks jumped on the New Found Glory/Bayside/Set Your Goals tour, filling in for Shai Hulud, who departed the ‘Not Without A Fight Tour’ last week. Fireworks is likely to win over a lot of new fans on this tour.

– Mike Damante

Chester French

Chester French is a two-piece pop rock band from Cambridge who has weaseled their way into the hip-hop industry – a huge accomplishment considering their sound.’

The group is fresh off the release of their latest mixtape, Jacques Jams Vol. I. Available for free at, the mixtape features artists Wale, Common and Clipse, to name a few.

Along with the mixtape, the duo’s debut full-length studio album, Love The Future,’ is in stores today. The album’s lead single, ‘She Loves Everybody,’ is an infectious synth-heavy jam about a lady and her promiscuity.

The band’s eclectic influences come into play when you hear their music, a melting pot of pop, r & b and hip-hop. If you find yourself doubting their talents, realize that Kanye West and Pharrell Williams had a bidding war over who was going to sign them to their respective labels. Chances are, they are probably doing something right.’

The Audition

If a band with favorable reviews for its previous albums was working on album three, there’s a good possibility the band’s formula is working for them.’

The Audition isn’t the most revolutionary band, nor are they the most progressive, but they have learned to tighten up their sound and improve with every new release. Their third full-length album, which is self-titled, is an incredibly fun pop rock album that’ll prepare you for the coming months of summer.’ ‘

As for the music, The Audition has improved on just about every base. Their lyrics are more cohesive and less childish, and their musicianship has improved greatly. Songs such as ‘The Way You Move’ and ‘Over My Head’ have incredibly catchy choruses that you’ll be singing for days. To catch a preview of the album, which is in stores April 28, head over to’

Roshan Bhatt

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