Graduation calls for celebration

Having finally reached senior level status at UH is an awesome feeling, but then reality sinks in.

Whether you are a senior undergraduate or senior graduate student, there are many responsibilities and challenging times ahead.

Seniors today are facing tough economic times, which may mean a tougher time finding their dream jobs.

If they are able to get that job, the pay may be less than hoped for. But even before graduation, there is much work to do.

Filing for graduation before the deadline is always an exciting time in a senior’s life, but then comes the fear of succeeding with the classes in which they are enrolled for the last leg of their college career.

What if something goes wrong? What if it’s too much to handle? These are normal questions faced by all students, but the pressure is on for those about to graduate.

Preparing to graduate is rather daunting when you really think about it.

Here you are, all excited to get fitted for your much deserved cap and gown, order invitations, tassel, cords, ring and the like – only to be slapped in the face with the cost.

Graduation announcements range in price from $85 to $182; add in the cost of mailing tacks on almost 50 cents per announcement.

Ordering your cap and gown ahead of time is preferred, but for those of you who procrastinated, you still have a chance.

‘Although it is too late to order your cap and gown, you can still come to the book store to purchase a cap and gown,’ UH Bookstore employee and communication sophomore Mary Smith said. ‘We are currently out of certain sizes, but we are expecting a new shipment May 1.’

The price tag on the caps, gowns, tassel and other regalia is relatively reasonable considering it is by far the icing on the cake for seniors.

A cap alone is about $8, the gown is $32, tassels run about $6, cords are $15, and a stole of gratitude is $30.

There is a package that contains the cap, gown and tassel together for $45. There may be minor fluctuations for cords and other honor regalia per college, but in general, these prices are about the same.

For those graduating seniors who placed their cap and gown orders ahead of time, you can pick up your preorders April 27 at the bookstore, Smith said.

Seniors also have to take on the task of making sure all of their ducks are lined up in a row prior to filing for graduation and again before the end of the semester.
All fines must be paid; you have to make sure you have all of the credits you worked so hard for, double check your graduation status and clear up any communication gaps there may be between professors, advisers, financial aid and housing.

It is highly doubtful that exiting seniors will forget their friends because graduation festivities and notifications are crucial to any senior.

Still, make sure you have updated e-mail addresses, MySpace and Facebook pages, Twitter information, and don’t forget the all-important graduation party information.

Many seniors travel after graduation, others jump into internships or jobs, some take a much-needed break, and then there is a handful who will wander, trying to figure out what is the next best move for them.

For some it is graduate school, others may be headed for medical or law school. There are so many options for furthering an education that it’s enough to make your mind spin.

Whatever your decision, UH will always be home; you will always bleed Cougar red, and your hands will never forget the sign that shows your Cougar pride.

Graduation time is near and the smell of excitement and wracked nerves is in the air. Just remember guys and gals, it is almost over.

Inhale and exhale as many times as necessary while telling yourself, ‘it’s almost over, it’s almost over’hellip;’

Congratulations and best wishes to all of our graduating seniors!

Alana Mousavidin is a communication senior and may be reached at [email protected].

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