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Freshman dreams of big leagues

Patricia Estrada: What made you’

want to get into kinesiology?

Michael Spencer: Well, I want to be a coach. I am walking on the football team if they give me a spot.

Estrada: Really? Here at UH?

Spencer: Yeah.

Estrada: Awesome.

Spencer: Yeah, if they offer me a scholarship. But if they don’t, and I don’t go anywhere in football, I want to be a coach/trainer for somebody big. You know, get people in shape like me.

Estrada: What position are you thinking of playing with the Cougars?

Spencer: Well, they have me practicing outside lineman. I have been playing that all my life. That is pretty much what I want to do.

Estrada: You said if you don’t make it as a player, you want to be a coach. Are you thinking football coach?’

Spencer: Yeah. I can’t start off at the high-school level, but I want to make the big paycheck. I wouldn’t mind being one in a school like this, a big school or something, and being handed out some money.

Estrada: If you couldn’t coach football, what sport would you coach?

Spencer: Well, I boxed for five to six years. I might venture out in that, but there is a lot of stuff – soccer, I played a little basketball.

Estrada: Are you excited about the summer?

Spencer: Summer? I don’t know. I am going to be out here.

Estrada: Are you from Houston?

Spencer: No, I am from Orange, Texas.

Estrada: Where is that at?

Spencer: Headed towards Louisiana, last city. Tiny city. If you blink, you missed it.

Estrada: Do you think you are going to go back home during the summer?

Spencer: Yeah, but I won’t stay there too long.

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