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Five Minutes of Fame – April 28, 2009

Smith: What are your plans for the summer?

Messer: I am taking 12 hours of classes and working with the College Policy and Debate Team. We will be holding a debate camp for inner-city high school debate teams.

Smith: How long have you been involved with the debate team?

Messer: This is the end of my first year so one year.

Smith: Do you have any other plans for this summer?

Messer: I am going to try to take a vacation. That’s what average college students do right? I am going to try to go to Corpus Christi or San Marcos at least once this summer.

Smith: Why Corpus Christi?

Messer: The water is somewhat clearcompared to Galveston. You can see your toes in the water, that’s cool. I do go to Galveston once every two or three months, before Hurricane Ike. Going to Corpus Christi will feel like a change.

Smith: What are you going to do after graduation?

Messer: I plan to take a year off and then apply to law school.

Smith: So as a political science and economic major, what do you think about the job President Obama is doing?

Messer: … The president is constrained in many ways with interest pulling him in different directions. He is not the lever puller that most people think he is.

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