University participation vital to campus newspaper

Today marks the official end of classes and the last edition of The Daily Cougar for the spring 2009 semester. Following a couple weeks of finals, the UH class of spring 2009 will officially graduate, including some members of The Daily Cougar staff.

The Daily Cougar has been the student newspaper of the University since 1934. Since then, countless dedicated students have put in innumerable hours writing, editing, taking photos, conducting interviews and working with campus organizations to record the history of the University.

This semester has been no different. Many significant events have touched the student body – the murder of Joe Tall, the student arrested in connection with the shooting, the University’s participation in the national RecycleMania competition and President Obama’s first 100 days in office, just to name a few. Each is part of the University’s history and is now permanently recorded in the volumes of The Daily Cougar.

The goal of this newspaper has always been to provide timely and accurate coverage of campus events. We at The Daily Cougar have worked tirelessly to this aim in the midst of the challenges any student faces – tests, research papers and lack of sleep. An active readership is also vital to this goal, and the students and faculty at the University have done their part – letting us know their opinions, asking for coverage of events and questioning editorial choices.

While some members of the news staff are graduating and will no longer be at The Daily Cougar next semester, the purpose of the newspaper remains the same. To help next semester’s staff continue the tradition of providing inclusive and balanced coverage, make it a priority to be involved in The Daily Cougar.

Let the staff know of important events on campus, write letters to the editor or submit a guest commentary to the Opinion section. Take part in online polls and use the comments feature on our Web site to express your views. The Daily Cougar, after all, exists for the students.

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