Current students give up parking spots for future

Sometimes students have to sacrifice for the greater good.

On May 27, UH unveiled plans to have the Metropolitan Transit Authority build at least one rail line that will service our campus.

The construction begins in six months and will be a headache for thousands of students who will compete for fewer parking spots. UH plans to combat the increasingly frustrating parking shortage – which results from UH’s policy of over-selling student permits – by building three new parking garages.

A good portion of the funding for the garages will come out of student pockets. But it is refreshing to see UH finally build garages, which allow thousands of cars to park in a small area. Parking garages are built up, whereas parking lots must spread across land.

Every student who commutes has been late to class at least once, desperately searching for a parking spot only to find the closest parking spaces on Wheeler or Scott Street.
Students will do a lot more of this before the garages and rails are built, but sometimes conditions have to get worse before they get better.

UH expects its enrollment to approach 45,000 within the next decade, up from the current 36,000. The rail line and parking garages will relieve parking woes while giving students who live near the rail stations another transportation option.

Much is still unknown about this project, but patience will be required. Although thousands of us will have degrees before construction is complete, we shouldn’t complain about the lack of parking spaces.

Former students paid for the renovation of M.D. Anderson Memorial Library and graduated before they received a chance to use the new amenities.

Students have the right to complain about parking and the over-selling of student permits. But the next time you feel frustrated because there are no parking spots, think about the students who won’t have to deal with this problem in the future. At least they won’t be late for an exam because they had to walk to Agnes Arnold Hall from Scott Street.

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