Staff editorial: Study abroad … it’s worth it

For some students, studying abroad isn’t an option but a requirement.

For example, at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, students are expected to take their education overseas or face being the only junior on campus.

Thankfully, UH has no study abroad requirement, but it doesn’t mean that studying abroad should be avoided entirely.

Studying abroad exposes one to other cultures and ways of life. And don’t forget the excitement that comes with exploring new places, meeting new people and the education gained from attending foreign institutions.

For those interested in studying abroad, whether for a year, a semester or even a few weeks, there are many options available at UH.

Need to get your foreign language requirement out of the way? Try the three-week program in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Costing less than a regular semester, students can receive up to 12 hours of Spanish through the UH-Kukulcan Spanish Immersion program. Study abroad is also available for other foreign languages, such as French and Chinese.

Faculty-led programs are another option for those looking to travel and can provide credit for a variety of majors. Anthropologists can study in Belize and business majors can observe international business practices in India.

The Honors College also takes a class overseas each summer. In 2008, the class went to Italy and this summer they toured Turkey.

For many at UH the cost of travelling abroad still outweighs the many benefits. The Office of International Studies and Programs has scholarships available as well as a list of programs affiliated with UH.

Living far away from friends and family and the comforting sound of English can be difficult to handle.

But for those who decide to take this opportunity, you will not regret it. By making the most of your education, you get to also tour a foreign country – and get credit for it, too.

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