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Five Minutes of Fame: Junior mixes drinking with design

Kevin Cook: So what’s your academic angle? Your major, minor, etc?

Phil Walk: I’m an English major with a literature concentration. I used to tell people I was a super-sophomore, but I’m probably a junior now.

Cook: Probably? I take it you don’t keep a close eye on that sort of thing?

Walk: Well, I have a slew of AP credits I’ve never sat down and added up. So, yeah.

Cook: So what do you do for fun?

Walk: Well, I turned 21 on June 2, so I’ve been having a few pretty wild benders. Also, I like to design and screen-print my own T-shirts.

Cook: Do you ever kill two birds with one stone and design T-shirts while on a bender?

Walk: Honestly, when I’ve had too much, I’m usually not sitting alone working on design, but a little bit to drink gets the creative juices flowing.

Cook: So what does a drink-induced T-shirt design look like?

Walk: Usually if I think it’s a really good idea, I’m already pretty far-gone, so I don’t know if I can honestly answer that question. The only way I know is if I wake up covered in ink.

Cook: Well, it’s become a bit of a tradition to use the Five Minutes of Fame spotlight as a forum for romantic self-promotion. Is there anything the ladies at UH should know about you?

Walk: Well, my girlfriend – sorry ladies – thinks I look pretty good naked. Can I say that?

Cook: Probably not. Any closing thoughts about yourself?

Walk: I’ve met a lot of cool people in Houston and there are plenty of talented and creative entertainers and artists in Houston, like the guys at Thursday Open Mic Night at Dan’s Electro Guitar. That’s not really about me, but they and all the others like them deserve some credit.

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