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Burger joint a smash success

Although it’s a treat to enjoy a culturally diverse selection of cuisines and eateries in Houston, it simply feels good to occasionally head to a local burger joint for a tasty good ‘ole all-American burger.

But here is where opinions and tastes greatly vary. No two people can agree on the perfect burger, side, or even the best milkshake to accompany both.

Nonetheless, the never-ending quest to satisfy our artery-clogging appetites lands one at a burger shack not far from campus, but isone heck of a bike ride.

SmashBurger, located at 7811 Main St., presents its Web site and storefront in a theme reminiscent of one crafted by the minds at Nintendo. If it weren’t for the word ‘burger’ in the name, most would miss the restaurant entirely, mistaking it for GameStop or a comic book store.

The interior of the restaurant doesn’t suggest burger joint either, but rather a city studio dedicated to an industrial design exhibition. However, this doesn’t matter to the hungry customer.

Among the arsenal of meaty Smashburgers are the Classic, the All American and the Mushroom Swiss. Other available items include the root beer float and chocolate and strawberry shakes.

The burgers come wrapped in plain white paper boxes, ones that make you question if Apple iPod designers had a stake in the model.

The burgers were great. The juicy patties and fresh buns and veggies were just right, and the American cheese is so good that those who are lactose intolerant may take a chance.

Each burger varied slightly, but carried the same familiar gusto. In essence, it’s like driving a different model of car under the same make.

The H’auml;agen-Dazs milkshakes fall short of bringing all of the boys to the yard. But, like pizza, no milkshake is a bad milkshake. These shakes stand well above what McDonald’s or even Jack in the Box has to offer.

Have we as Houstonians located our version of California’s In-N-Out Burger? Let’s just say Whataburger may still be putting up a fight.

If you’re no longer reeling in first dates at Applebee’s, now is the chance to take it up a notch and impress your date by visiting SmashBurger.

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