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Zydeco rocks Bayou City

Houstonians kicked out their two-step for the Creole creations on Friday. Live After Five zydeco jam was the event that had people dancing.

Zydeco music is a modern blend on soul, r&b and other genres. It has its roots in traditional Creole celebrations and dance parties.

Zydeco musicians play accordions, washboard or rub boards, and guitars to produce a unique sound.

Concert attendees often form line dances and pair with a partner to swing, square or two-step dance.

Lovers of this music came from across the Greater Houston area to party with Majic 102.1.

The radio station introduced the crowd to J Paul Jr. & The Zydeco Nubreeds, Step Rideau & The Zydeco Outlaws and Brian Jack & The Zydeco Gamblers.

The artists mixed a cool blend of r&b, blues, hip-hop, gospel and jazz for an eclectic mix.

Threats of rainy weather did not stop the crowd from dancing.

This event was perfect for the outdoor enthusiast that craves live music, food and family.

The environment welcomed everyone to participate at their own comfort level.

Event hosts introduced guests to more zydeco events located throughout the Greater Houston community.

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