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FIVE MINTUES OF FAME: Swim teacher fears sharks, not vampires

Jake Rathmell: So are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Chelsea Maxwell: The wolf guy is hot, so I’m definitely Team Jacob.

Rathmell: Did you see the New Moon movie trailer?

Maxwell: Oh, my God. Yeah, of course.

Rathmell: Jacob is, like, crazy-buff right?

Maxwell: Yeah he is, but he looks good.

Rathmell: What do you plan on doing with your Spanish degree?

Maxwell: I want to teach Spanish in high school and also go overseas and teach English to Spanish speakers.

Rathmell: Would you go to Spain or Mexico?

Maxwell: I think going to Spain would be a lot better than going to Mexico, but my dad lives in Mexico, so I could probably go there.

Rathmell: Where does your dad live? What does he do?

Maxwell: He lives in Ixtapa, and he runs a surf shop where he sells surfboards and gives surf lessons.

Rathmell: Wow, it sounds like your dad has the perfect little thing going on.

Maxwell: Yeah, his life is pretty good. I go down and visit him sometimes.

Rathmell: Do you surf?

Maxwell: I used to until my dad’s best friend died from getting eaten by a shark at the beach that we surf at, so I haven’t been recently.

Rathmell: That would certainly change the way that I look at the ocean.

Maxwell: I get really freaked out if I can’t see my feet. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to do this.’

Rathmell: Have you ever been out in the ocean and had sharks circling around you?

Maxwell: Yeah, I went deep sea fishing one time and they took us 15 miles off the coast, and I was literally crying.

Rathmell: Sounds like a terrible experience, but you still like the water, so it didn’t keep you from swimming in pools.

Maxwell: Exactly. Pools are cool. There’s no fish in there.

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