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Beverly Hills begins season two with a bang

The writers of CW’s 90210 could not have possibly packed more drama into this turbulent, yet oddly satisfying, season premiere.

The first season’s equally dramatic finale left viewers desperately wondering how the writers would spin the events of prom night. From Adrianna’s delivery to Annie’s hit-and-run, it is almost ridiculous how all these events are somehow connected.

The premiere submerses viewers into the fast-paced lives of Silver, Naomi and Adrianna, who rush to the beach seconds after school is over for an end of summer school bash.

Adrianna reveals that she is done with her reckless lifestyle and is ready to begin her life as a ‘normal’ teenager.

On the other hand, Naomi cannot take her mind off men. Despite saying that she is completely over Liam, she latches on to Jason, an older man who happens to be married and the father of two children.

Silver and Dixon still feel awkward around each other, considering the rift in their relationship caused by Ethan’s sudden infatuation with Silver. However, an unfortunate turn of events does not bring the closure that some viewers desire.

Meanwhile, Navid makes fruitless attempts to bring his relationship with Adrianna to another level by losing his virginity with her, but fails because she does not feel ready for commitment.

‘ Viewers find Annie agitated and stressed about her accident. Guilt-stricken, she frantically searches the Internet for news about ‘John Doe,’ eventually learning that he has died.

This episode also introduced viewers to Teddy Montgomery, the handsome and charming new student. This new character neatly maneuvers his way into West Beverly High society by revealing that he is already a bearer of good gossip and condemning information.

The episode ends with the surprising return of Liam and Naomi’s discovery of Annie’s drunken mistake. Shocked and vengeful, Naomi is armed and determined to bring down Annie.

A guilty pleasure, 90210 tempts viewers to live vicariously through the fanciful lives of the West Beverly High elite. The thrilling season premiere leaves viewers hungry for next week’s episode.

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