STAFF EDITORIAL: Fans of winners should act classy, not trashy

There’s a thin line between pride and pomposity. Some of the Cougar fans crossed that line at Saturday’s game.’

As the Texas Tech Red Raiders’ football team was introduced, an overwhelming boo echoed throughout the stadium. When President Renu Khator stepped onto the field with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, another boo reverberated throughout Robertson. And during the game, fans heckling each other went overboard.’

From where one editor was sitting, he could see a UH fan yelling at a Red Raider fan behind him. Every time UH so much as completed a pass, the Cougar fan would turn around, make obscene gestures at his opponent and yell obscenities at the top of his lungs.’

Is this over the top?’

Very much so.’

As the UH football program begins to be taken more seriously in the national spotlight, it’s important that UH fans, students, alumni, faculty and staff follow suit. As it stands now, it looks like Coach Sumlin and the players can handle success but our fans cannot.’

It was downright embarrassing to hear some of the things said by UH fans on Saturday night. Overexcited, drunk fans are not a representation of our school. We need to curb our enthusiasm when appropriate, and act like adults. This was a time when it would have been appropriate.’

Booing doesn’t show any class, and it definitely does not look good for our school or our football organization when our students and alumni jeer at our own team when they make mistakes. ‘

Where’s the school pride? Where’s the pride in young men learning to win and lose with class?’

This doesn’t show them that we support their hard work and sportsmanship. Instead, it implies our program has moved up too far, too fast.’

If we want to shine in the national spotlight, fans should be supporting our players through thick and thin, even when we miss a field goal, not just joining in on the victory celebration.’

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