UH promotes voting

In celebration of Constitution Day, various student organizations went around campus organizing voters.

Groups such as the Student Government Association, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, the Staff Council and the UH President’s Office organized voter registration Wednesday at the Cougar Resource Fair to educate the campus community.’

Harris County tax officials trained over 50 volunteers from various UH departments to become deputy registrars with the power to accept voter registration applications. The representatives learned the qualifications and other information necessary to accept registration applications.

Organizers said that their main goal was to inform and educate.’

Juanita Jackson oversaw the recognition of Constitution Day, handing out pocket-sized versions of the Constitution at the event.

‘ ‘As a school that receives research funding from the state, we are mandated to recognize Constitution Day,’ Jackson said.’

The voter registration event was not only for students but for anyone interested, volunteer Dineta Frasier said.’

Assistant Director of Outreach Services Kimberly James agreed that voting is everyone’s responsibility.

James said that many students were not registered to vote because they were unfamiliar with the process.’

That lack of knowledge coupled with the feeling that one single vote cannot make a difference is the main reason for low voter turnout on campus, said volunteer Christopher Scott, a psychologist with Counseling and Psychological Services.’

As a second home to some, all volunteers voiced that UH is responsible only to educate and inform, rather than to influence.’

Frasier agreed that it is the ‘civic responsibility’ of UH to enlighten its community.’

To boost campus participation in the voting process, the SGA is providing shuttles to and from voting sites for early voting from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 27, 28 and 29 in front of the University Center.

Also, to make political involvement even more convenient for students, UH is making voter registration forms available on campus at these locations: the Student Information and Assistance Center and the Dean of Students Office in the UC, the Towers and Oberholtzer service desks in the residence halls, and the Bayou Oaks, Calhoun Lofts, Cambridge Oaks and Cullen Oaks management offices.

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