STAFF EDITORIAL: Fair-weather fans†need not be bothered

Saturday’s loss to the UTEP Miners was heartbreaking. The Cougars dropped in the Associated Press poll from No. 12 in the nation to out of the top.’

Journalists and broadcasters say the team is no longer a BCS contender. Saturday’s loss also forced a sudden stop in the Cougars’ otherwise fantastic season so far.

But four games in, is the season really over?

Our season holds water. Beating Oklahoma State and Texas Tech aren’t trivial accomplishments simply because we lost to UTEP.’

Teams that are ‘supposed’ to win games lose all the time, but if that team is wearing purple and gold or burnt orange and white, coaches, critics and journalists alike call it a fluke.

But if that team is wearing scarlet red and albino white, then the team was overrated in the first place.

The Cougars may be out of the AP top 25, but UH still has the chance to have a great season and maybe even get back in the rankings.’

For the time being, fans should still show their support and plan to attend the SMU game on Oct. 24. Anyone who has hopped off the bandwagon since Saturday isn’t really a fan.

‘So the Cougars lost in El Paso. For bandwagon fans, that’s the end of the season. For those of us who are real fans, we know we’ll still be out there for wins and losses, rain or shine,’ commenter ‘Brian’ said in a response to an article about the game on The Daily Cougar Web site.

Congratulations to the Miners for playing a good game. We don’t want to take away from their win and say the Cougars just beat themselves.

UH made a lot of mistakes, and the Miners capitalized on all of them and played a good game of football.’

They came out on top this time, but students should still support our athletes. They need our support, now more than they did for the previous three weeks. As a student body, let’s give it to them.

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