STAFF EDITORIAL: Cougars prove they aren’t finished; fans must follow

Another non-conference win, another unranked team beaten; not a big deal, right?’


Our Cougars have proven they can bounce back. UH (4-1, 0-1 Conference USA) now heads full-steam into conference play. Their next seven games are their most important, and they stand to win all of them.

Perhaps that’s an unrealistic expectation. We did lose in El Paso, and it could be argued that this kind of thinking is what got us in trouble in the first place.

‘ With all the hype, coverage and praise from the media, some felt the Cougars wouldn’t be able to keep up. The loss in El Paso may still be a lingering memory for fans, foes and critics alike, but it needs to be noted that the team has pushed it out of their minds. They are focusing on the here and now.

After a one-week absence, UH is once again a ranked team. The Associated Press No. 23 Cougars are poised to climb even higher in the polls if the rest of their season goes well.

We’re not blind fans here at The Daily Cougar. We have seen the team’s faults, and we want them to get stronger. We’re not fair-weather fans, either. We believe the Cougars are a strong football team.

Doubters will never believe, and fans will always show up to games and cheer. Cougar fans should take note of coach Kevin Sumlin’s words.

‘We’re a little beat up, a little sore,’ Sumlin said. ‘Guys are limping around. We had a bunch of guys who couldn’t even run out in the second half.’

This week, we’ll be rooting for UH against Tulane. Regardless of the game’s outcome, the Cougars’ homecoming game against SMU will be huge. The turnout should be too.

UH may not have a chance at going to a BCS bowl, but the team still needs more support from students and alumni.

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