Nobel Committee’s award unjust

In 2009, Barack Obama unjustly won the Nobel Peace Prize. Another man was more worthy of the award.

In 1985, a solitary American man traveled to Moscow during the height of the Cold War and gave a minute-long speech that would end the struggle that had lasted decades between the two world powers.’ In the presence of an extraordinarily hostile crowd, this man of great ability won over his Russian detractors and eventually even the staunchest opponents of the United States were chanting his name.

Like our country at the time, this man fought off a Russian menace with grace and tenacity, and in doing so displayed the kind of American courage that has brought peace to countless individuals throughout the world. Though not a particularly articulate orator, his message of change opened the hearts of even the most close-minded communists and essentially lifted the threat of nuclear war, which had plagued the international community for the previous 40 years.

Little is known about this man’s past, except for his humble beginnings in Philadelphia and his meteoric rise to international fame through excelling in his professional field. What is troubling is that the Nobel Peace Prize committee overlooked this man who ended the Cold War and saved millions of lives, while the 2009 peace prize went to President Barack Obama, a man who has done virtually nothing to ensure world peace.

When will the Nobel committee stop overlooking the contributions of this great American? When will he finally receive the award he clearly deserves more than the likes of Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter and our current president?

When will Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion, finally receive the accolades he deserves for ending the Cold War and pulling us back from the brink of a nuclear engagement with the Soviet Union? Considering he’s an American and a Republican, the answer is never.

Balboa’s words echo to this day.

‘If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!’

Obviously, it would be absurd to grant the award to a fictional character such as Balboa, but how much of a stretch is it to give the award to a president based on fictitious accomplishments?’

Obama has done nothing to ensure world peace. He was given the award for ‘improving the national climate’ and was nominated 12 days into his first term. In other words, he was president only 12 days longer than the fictional boxer with the iron chin.

Citing his quest for nuclear arms reduction and his open dialogue with the Muslim world, the Nobel committee claims Obama has made great contributions, but if one simply looks at the real scoreboard, it is obvious that countless other presidents have done more to free Muslims throughout the world than Obama. Both Bushes, Clinton and even Reagan helped various Muslim countries in their struggles for freedom.’

Obama, on the other hand, turned his back on the most recent freedom movement in Iran.

Furthermore, the idea of an international nuclear drawdown is nothing new. Every president since Reagan has sought to reduce worldwide nuclear proliferation.

Of course, the problem with this pipedream is that, like gun control, if you ban certain weapons, only those willing to work outside the laws will have those weapons. That is why Obama’s views on disarmament are so troubling. While he talks of ridding the world of nuclear weapons and offers to reduce the stockpiles of countries that have proven responsible with the deadly technology, Iran and North Korea’s centrifuges continue to spin.

If Rocky Balboa won the Nobel Peace Prize, it would be a complete farce ‘- but only slightly more so than Obama winning it. What is most troubling is that the Nobel committee’s concept of peace is a world in which America is a weak, compliant, impotent member of the world community.’

The fact that our president would receive a thumbs-up from this committee during the war on terror is a most worrisome occurrence. ‘

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