STAFF EDITORIAL: The Daily Cougar celebrates 75 years and counting

On Oct. 5, 1934, The Daily Cougar published Issue No. 1 of its first volume.

Seventy-five years later, the newspaper’s look has changed considerably, the readership has increased tremendously, and the campus it covers barely resembles what it was back in the ’30s.

But even after all the changes and years gone by, The Daily Cougar remains the eyes, ears and mouthpiece for UH students and a factory for producing talented, hard-working journalists.’

This week, The Daily Cougar is celebrating its 75th anniversary. To honor the paper’s milestone, Mayor Bill White issued a proclamation that declared Oct. 5 as The Daily Cougar Day. The Daily Cougar also received from state Senator Rodney Ellis a proclamation that recognized its achievement.’

It has been a time for reflecting on the many journalists and other individuals who have helped to make The Daily Cougar the credible organization that it has become.

The group of prominent Daily Cougar alumni includes Jack J. Valenti, whose name graces the UH School of Communication, Board of Regents Chairman Welcome Wilson Sr., groundbreaking author Donald Barthelme and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Adrees Latif.’

The Daily Cougar continues to strive for excellence during a time of radical change in the newspaper industry. To keep up with the digital age, The Daily Cougar’s Web site has been revamped to feature more blogs, videos, graphics and other content. Our writers have had to learn how to use more multimedia with their reporting, and our editors have had to adapt to the changing styles in journalism.

Despite all these changes, The Daily Cougar will not alter its journalistic standards and expectations for its coverage. We strive for truthful and objective reporting. We work to ensure that the students’ voices are heard, and their needs addressed.’

As years pass and the newspaper industry continues to change, it is important to remember that these standards cannot and will not be compromised.

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