Student verdict still out on PeopleSoft

Constant issues with PeopleSoft have made many students question whether the system is worth all the stress and hassle.

Kinesiology senior San Ng said that he had an issue with a class early this semester regarding PeopleSoft.

‘I was added into the course by the professor, then a few days later, PeopleSoft dropped me from the class because I didn’t pay fees,’ Ng said.’ ‘I received some sort of refund from my account to the UH ID refund card once classes started.’

Ng said that he has had issues dealing with financial aid on PeopleSoft as well.

‘My issue with PeopleSoft is that they are not consistent with financial aid reimbursement,’ Ng said.’ ‘I had to chase them down for half of the school year regarding my tuition reimbursement refund.’

There are other students, though, who have not had issues with PeopleSoft.

Psychology senior Marissa Mouton said that she has only experienced one problem with PeopleSoft, and the issue was eventually resolved.

‘All I can say is that it took a while for transfer credits to show up in the system, but they finally showed up later on in the semester,’ Mouton said.

Student Program Board President and Student Government Association At-Large Senator Sean Tarver said that the No. 1 problem that has plagued PeopleSoft has been communication.

‘ ‘Communication or style of communication has lead to a misunderstanding of the PeopleSoft system,’ Tarver said.’ ‘Students have an idea of what PeopleSoft should do. However, the resources we have permit a limited number of topics to be addressed.’

Tarver said students should understand that the resources available do not allow all parts of PeopleSoft to be up to par.

‘If we concentrate on one area and maintain or upgrade a few others, then we sacrifice the possibility of seeing other topics that students might want,’ Tarver said. ‘

Tarver also said that system upgrades are released every few years, and if students want something to be on the new version, administrators will want to concentrate issues that students want addressed.

‘It’s a game of resource management for administration,’ Tarver said. ‘The students must know that PeopleSoft can’t have 100 upgrades that make it perfect overnight or even in a month’hellip; it takes a long time to solidify an addition, or upgrade, or a package of both.’

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