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Fabulous flight lands on campus

Following the success of her sold-out 2009 European and Canadian tour ‘Terror at 41,00 Feet,’ Pucci-clad comedian Pam Ann will perform at the Cullen Performance Hall at 8 p.m. today.

Pam Ann is the alter ego of Caroline Reid, whose portrayal of a gutsy and glamorous airline hostess is unique and wildly hilarious.

Reid’s sharp-tounged wit has created a cult-like international following. Those familiar with the comedy of Dame Edna, Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler will fall in love with Pam Ann.

Reid attributes over-the-top female impersonators as her inspiration for the creation of Pam Ann. Her routine often caters to airline employees and travelers in the audience, as she directly involves them in the performance.

As Pam Ann, Reid has toured with Cher and Elton John, and Madonna, a huge fan, described Reid as being ‘crudely funny.’

‘I’m coming to the U.S. to bring fabulousness back to flying,’ Ann said. ‘Southwest is falling apart, JetBlue’s landing gear never comes down, Mexicana airlines is grounded due to swine flu. Glamour has been sucked out of the industry like a Qantas 747 losing half its fuselage.

‘There was a time (when) you could board a Boeing in your Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress with a full set of carving knives and a 500 mL can of V05. It was always glamour over safety, and I believe that’s how it should be.’

Pam Ann stars in her own television talk show, ‘The Pam Ann Show,’ on The Comedy Channel in Australia, and is in an advertising campaign for British Airways.

In March, she also hosted Australia’s live broadcast of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which aired in more than 2 million households.

Pam Ann’s performances tend to emphasize the vagaries of air travel, including quirks about various airlines around the world, mixed with ribald humor and tons of double entendres.

Her ‘Layover’ tour will take her to 11 cities around the country, ending in New York City on Oct. 28.

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