STAFF EDITORIAL: Drop in attendance for SMU game shows fans’ true colors

Homecoming was a success. The Cougars won again Saturday. A 38 ‘- 15 final score left fans satisfied with the performances of both the offense and the defense. Live cougars were seen at the game. Bun B was in attendance. Olympic legend Carl Lewis was the honorary team captain. And the crowd bled red.

But for all of the hubbub over Saturday’s game, the attendance wasn’t quite what many expected. The crowd, which numbered about 26,000, was relatively small compared to the last home game, when UH conquered Texas Tech.

Now, we at the Daily Cougar don’t mean to chastise fans, nor do we wish to push any of you away. To those who attended, the team is appreciative, and to those who did not, we hope you had a good excuse.’

Currently, UH has a nationally-recognized football program. After the loss at UTEP, we fell from the rankings. The next week, when we defeated Mississippi State, we were back in the rankings and have continued to climb. Some of us thought that after the UTEP loss, UH’s chances of a BCS bowl game were over and done. With five games left to play, however, the Cougars still have a shot.’

But the question remains ‘- why were there over 5,000 empty seats at the game this weekend? Houston is a big, bustling city. Robertson Stadium isn’t big enough to hold a large percentage of the population, but for a relatively small stadium (as far as college football stadiums go), the Cougars still don’t seem to be getting very much love from their city.

So start showing up. Wear red and be loud. There are plenty of reasons to come, and if nothing else, you can show up to the tailgate to get some free food and maybe even a beer. Everyone should be coming to the games, supporting our team and showing love. There really isn’t an excuse not to come.

UH plays Southern Miss at noon Saturday in Robertson Stadium. Let’s continue to show our support. Regardless of the rankings, the Cougars are our team.

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