STAFF EDITORIAL: Women finding comfort in their own skins

The 21st century American woman has the right to pursue the highest levels of education, to vote for candidates who defend her interests as she decides them, to challenge herself and make the same living as her male colleagues.

It seems society is coming to grips with women’s rights to control their sexuality if one examines recent pieces of media.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ music video debuted this week. In the hit video, the elegant art-pop star struts in 6-inch heels and showcases outfits ranging from lingerie to a lush fur coat with a polar bear train.

Despite the clear exhibition of Gaga’s femininity for viewers’ pleasure, the triumphant and unique ending of the music video indicates that this may be a narrative about the singer-songwriter embracing her power as a sex symbol while rejecting the chauvinistic forces that seek to manipulate her femininity for their personal gain.

Meanwhile, The Twilight Saga: New Moon will debut Nov. 20 with the tale of Bella, an obsessive 16-year-old who pines for a vampire who refuses to take much initiative in their relationship. Despite the undeniably questionable undertones of the relationship, this writer notices that it is the woman who takes the initiative in insisting that they express their relationship in a sexual way, and furthermore pursues it until he eventually gives in.

Both Gaga and Bella flex their power as sexual creatures, although it is up to the viewer to decide whether they handle their capabilities in a healthy way for those involved.

Society has mixed thoughts on women expressing their sexuality, especially those who decide to pursue it with the same openness and aggression afforded to men. However, at the very least we now clearly acknowledge that female sexuality is a force to be reckoned with.

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