Abortion display incites dialogue

A shockingly graphic exhibition in front of the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library lawn sparked heated debates between the UH Student Feminist Organization and Pro-Life Cougars and also attracted attention from passers-by.

The Pro-Life Cougars sponsored the exhibition from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, which runs the traveling display of unborn fetuses called The Genocide Awareness Project.

‘We’re trying to show people how horrible abortion really is and how it parallels other forms of genocide,’ hotel and restaurant management sophomore and Pro-Life Cougars member Stephanie Vorpahl said.

Part of the display pairs images of the lynching of a black man and dead bodies with the term ‘S.S.’ written underneath with a picture of a fetus that has ‘Planned Parenthood’ written under it.

The SFO objected to the display.

‘I find the images disturbing and offensive. We are pro-family, pro-life, pro-love and pro-choice. Criminalizing abortion will not change the number of abortions (performed),’ SFO President Amanda Williams said.

Biotechnology freshman Michael Franklin enjoyed the debates.

‘This is a good demonstration of our First Amendment rights. It’s cool that they are protesting the protest,’ Franklin said.

UH administration gave warning about the exhibition. Associate Vice President and Dean of Students William Munson sent an e-mail to the UH community Friday.

‘Because of the potentially controversial nature of this exhibit, which shows graphic images of fetuses being aborted during various stages of development, the University is informing the campus community in advance,’ Munson wrote.

The display is scheduled to stay up through Wednesday.

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