GUEST COMMENTARY: Yankees homer needs to take it easy

This article is a response to ‘Negativity toward Yankees unjustified’ by Alan Dennis, which ran in the Nov. 9 issue of The Daily Cougar.

After reading ‘Negativity toward Yankees unjustified’ in the Nov. 9 edition of The Daily Cougar, I am not sure whether I should be amused or embarrassed by Alan Dennis’ blindness in his love for the New York Yankees. Regardless, I would like to correct the skewed piece by addressing a few of the facts not addressed about the team I should ‘adore and admire.’

First and foremost, there is a reason the Yankees receive more backlash than other successful sports franchises.

As much as they want you to believe so, it is not because they are the greatest. Since 1962, New York has won six titles. In that time span, the Boston Celtics earned 12 to their credit.

Where it really begins is at the top with the Steinbrenner ownership group. George Steinbrenner, owner of the Yankees for 33 years until 2006, was indicted on 14 criminal counts in 1974 for making illegal contributions to President Richard Nixon’s reelection campaign on top of an obstruction of justice charge.

President Ronald Reagan would later pardon Steinbrenner, who was suspended from baseball for 15 months.

In addition to this, ‘King George’ is famous for his lack of respect toward players and employees.

His lack of moral conscience was obviously passed down to his son, current part-owner of the Yankees, Hank Steinbrenner.’ Steinbrenner, a notable loudmouth, has been credited with such gems as, ‘Red Sox Nation? What a bunch of bull**** that is’

Moreover, Dennis may have been correct about one thing in the his article: ‘No baseball era is pure.’

Rightfully or wrongfully so, Dennis chose to stand up for MLB slugger Alex Rodriguez. Unfortunately, he forgot to mention other notable Yankees such as Roger Clemens, Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi and Andy Pettitte, whose names are directly linked to performance-enhancing drugs.

Hating the Yankees is an American tradition. Some point to the money: $1 billion stadium, $206 million roster, and charging fans to take pictures with the 1996 World Series trophy the following spring.

Others point to George Steinbrenner (a man with the credibility of O.J. Simpson). Still others point to the arrogance of their fans, which is no surprise ‘hellip; just New Yorkers acting like New Yorkers.

I tend to agree with all three, but that’s just me.

Andrew Pate is a communication sophomore and may be reached at [email protected]

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