STAFF EDITORIAL: Pro-life advocates’ misuse of term sparks controversy

Today, there is a graphic display of an unborn fetus in front of the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library.

Pro-life advocacy group The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform named the traveling exhibition The Genocide Awareness Project.

On its Web site, www.abortionno.org, the group explained why it chose the word ‘genocide’ for the exhibition’s title, saying it is sticking with the Webster’s Dictionary definition: ‘The deliberate and systematic destruction of a national, racial, religious, political, cultural, ethnic or other group defined by the exterminators as undesirable.’

The group also claimed that this ‘definition readily applies to abortion,’ and that fetuses are ‘being terminated in an elaborate network of killing centers.’

The use of the term ‘genocide,’ despite the group’s vehement claims, is unfitting. Without illustrating that this is another pro-life exhibition, the title misleads people to think of a racial extermination awareness group.

The energy, resources and money put into this type of exhibition could be better used to assist women who have to make this difficult choice.

Many women considering abortion are unmarried and young, likely concerned about their futures. According to the group’s own statistics, 52 percent of abortions are for women less than 25-years old, and 64.4 percent of abortions are for women who have never been married.

More resources should be given by these so-called pro-lifers to mothers who have to make this difficult decision. If it is more about life, show more options about life instead of death.

Show alternatives other than abortion. Offer shelter, or non-biased counseling. Offer financial help to raise the children. A woman’s decision is not going to change because of a few photographs, especially when her future is in serious question.

No woman who decides to have an abortion loves the idea. It is hardly an enjoyable activity. Placing more shame and fear into an already complicated situation does not help anybody.

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