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FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Evening student dishes on campus

Mildred Scott: What are some of your hobbies?

Joel Colvin: I teach people how to fly airplanes and I play the saxophone.

Scott: What do you think of the H1N1 scare?

Colvin: I’m not scared. It’s another flu. When pigs fly, I’ll be scared, but I won’t be scared of the (swine) flu.

Scott: Do you think H1N1 is an issue at UH?

Colvin: I think there are lots of people that have it or just finished having it.

Scott: Do you think the (UH) Health Center is effectively keeping students informed?

Colvin: I think (it’s) statement that we’re doing OK because we only have four cases of flu-like symptoms is definitely misleading, and (it doesn’t) understand that many students will be sick but are not going to the Health Center. To say we only have four flu-like cases and nothing confirmed is to seriously underestimate when people get sick and’ how prevalent flu may be on campus. It doesn’t give a true picture.

Scott: How do you feel about campus security?

Colvin: When I walked out of class today, it’s no wonder why people get mugged. It’s dark and scary. I don’t think this semester I’ve seen anybody that looks like a police officer; I haven’t seen one single police car. I walk across a big stretch of campus and it is not well lit. That is bad because there are lots of trees and corners where someone could be hiding. When you come out of an 8:30 (p.m.) class, it makes you want to get the heck out of campus. It makes you feel that we (night students) are something tagged on the end of the day.

Scott: What do you think of the UH atmosphere?

Colvin: The campus does not have much of a campus community feel to it. Maybe that is because I’m not in my 20s, but when I went to the University of Arizona and (visit) my sister at (Texas) A&M, there are lots of spaces to do things around campus, which UH doesn’t have.

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