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RUMOR HAS IT: ‘Unscripted’ programs remain popular

It’s official: reality television has rotted holes in Americans’ brains.

‘Get out of my television!’
Networks like to insert unknown people into ‘realistic’ situations, such as going to the club every night and fighting with a best friend while partying on a yacht.

MTV’s The Hills is in its fifth season, bringing in all the dirt from the lives of rich, young adults living in Los Angeles. It has become one of the fakest reality shows to date.

According to, the stars of the show get massive paychecks for each episode. Lauren Conrad earned $1.4 million after the completion of season four, while tone-deaf singer Heidi Montag reportedly receives $65,000 an episode, accumulating $1.25 million per year.

Since Conrad left the show for a real life, Kristin Cavallari, Conrad’s nemesis in adolescence, has taken her place and become the girl everyone loves to hate. But with Conrad’s departure, the show’s ratings have declined.

Vanity Fair columnist James Wolcott on his blog described reality television as an ‘Orwell-for-dummies exercise set in a hamster cage for preening narcissists where cameras surveil every circulated move.’

Cavallari and the rest of the cast should go back to their day jobs, whatever they were.

‘Bring Holly back, Mr. Hefner!’
One show that has enticed viewers is Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s The Girls Next Door.

Sex always sells. The show is made for fat, unsexy Americans who want to watch beautiful, thin girls talk about nudity and sex.

However, for some odd reason, Hef’s girlfriends have become the most loveable reality stars.

Since the departure of Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt, the show hasn’t been the same. Even with the tagline ‘Fall in love ‘hellip; again,’ it’s hard to get used to the new girls.

Hef’s No. 1 girlfriend Crystal Harris doesn’t seem to have the spunk of his former girlfriend, Madison.

But as long as blonde bombshells get into all sorts of adventures, sex will sell.

‘Tough Love’ returns to mend hearts

Reality TV doesn’t always focus on fame-huggers. Sometimes it can be educational.

After watching matchmaker Steven Ward rip into the unrealistic expectations of failed daters, Tough Loves second season premiered Sunday with more difficult, diverse and intense problems.

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