STAFF EDITORIAL: Consistent fan support a key element to athletic success

The amount of red in the stands at Robertson Stadium on Saturday was beautiful. The loud cheers and inaudible screams of UH football fans was amazing.

The crowd of 28,243 at this weekend’s Bayou Bucket Classic proved to Houston – and to the nation – that UH athletics has the talent and support to contend with the big dogs.

The Cougars took back the Bayou Bucket on Saturday, never ceasing to amaze the crowd in their 73-14 thrashing of the Rice Owls. Throughout the year, many UH students have screamed for a new stadium, a different conference and more funding, but the talk has rarely dug below the surface.

If Robertson Stadium isn’t constantly sold out during football season, do we deserve a new stadium? And with two conference losses this season, are we ready to leave Conference USA?

Concerning funding: Head football coach Kevin Sumlin definitely deserves a raise, but otherwise, the Athletic Department is in solid shape. It could use a lot more assistance from alumni, but fundraising efforts are improving each day.

So if Cougars fans want a new stadium, another conference and more funding, they need to show up.

Boise State would be a prime example to follow. For the past few years, this school has dominated the Western Athletic Conference and is constantly in the national spotlight.

UH must do the same, which means fans need fill the stands and realize that they are part of a tradition in the making. That is, the tradition of going to games rain or shine, win or lose.

The Daily Cougar Editorial Board does not want to come across as know-it-alls who aren’t interested in students’ feedback, because we do care. We simply want more people to show up to the sporting events and support our men and ladies in red and white.

Every now and then, we don’t mind being proven wrong. Saturday’s attendance was high, everyone was wearing school pride on their sleeves and our boys had an energetic crowd to cheer them to victory.

Let’s re-create this scene at future athletic events.

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