FIGHTING WORDS: Who should be the Texans’ next head coach?

At issue: Who should the Texans hire if they fire head coach Gary Kubiak?

Tyler Robinson: Go old-school with the next hire
Why not stick with the Denver connection and get Mike Shanahan, the perfect candidate.

Besides winning two Super Bowls – two more than Houston has ever had, including with the Oilers – his Denver teams outrushed their opponents in 13 of his 14 seasons with only two premier backs: Clinton Portis and Terrell Davis.

Shanahan coached’ a running back corps that had a 1,000-yard running back for 10 consecutive seasons, so imagine what he could do for Steve Slaton. And he’s been a part of teams that have appeared in a total of 10 conference championship games.

His son Kyle is already the Texans offensive coordinator and’ head coach Gary Kubiak served as Shanahan’s offensive coordinator in Denver, so it wouldn’t be as if he was being thrown into a completely new system.

Shanahan’ has won’ 71 more games’ than former Texans coach Dom Capers and Gary Kubiak combined, and his winning percentage is the highest in the Broncos’ long history.

The only candidate who gives him a run for his money is Kevin Sumlin.

Keith Cordero Jr.: Fat man in a Texans hoodie
I have to say I’m impressed with Tyler’s candidate, and he impressed me all the way until he brought up UH’s head coach Kevin Sumlin.

Sumlin’s success has him in line for a better college job, but he is not ready for the pros yet.

Tyler, don’t get ahead of yourself now. I like Shanahan as a candidate, but I feel he can get a higher-profile and better NFL coaching job than the Texans.

My top choice for the job comes down to either former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick or Charlie Weis.

Yes, I said Weis, the recently axed Notre Dame coach. He would be a nice fit in Houston while bringing some much needed publicity to the team.

Weis is a nice fit because of his offensive-minded approach. If Billick came on board, he would bring a Super Bowl-winning mentality and toughness to a team in need of a wake-up call.

Tristan Tippet: Defense wins championships and respectability
You want to make several teams and maybe some uninformed fans angry? Go after the genius that is Mike Zimmer.

Ever wonder why the Cincinnati Bengals are 8-3, and in contention for a first-round bye in the AFC? It’s their defense, and Zimmer is the Bengals’ defensive coordinator.

Thanks to Zimmer, the Bengals are first in the NFL in points allowed at 15.8, and that’s with an offense averaging only 21.8 points per game. The major reason: 81.9 rushing yards allowed per game, good for third in the NFL.

The Texans, however, are allowing 120 yards per game, which’ ranks 22nd in the NFL.

The Bengals are a hard-nosed defense that tackles extremely well; something the Texans need when playing against the likes of Maurice Jones-Drew and Chris Johnson.

The Texans have the personnel to be that as well, but they need someone to show them how it is done.

I’m not worried about the offense because it’ can score at will if’ it truly’ wants.

It’s time for the defense to play to the level they’re capable of and I believe Zimmer is primed to be a head coach.

Judge Phillipe: Haven’t I heard all this before?
Well, after taking some time off I see some things never change.

Keith,’ as usual, is going for name recognition.

Weis’ problem at Notre Dame was that he was married to his system and didn’t seek a divorce even with the writing on the wall. He also refused to address his shortcomings on defense, including failing to recruit athletes on that side of the ball.

He’s a hell of an offensive coordinator, but not so much a head coach. Sound like anyone on the Texans’ staff this season?

While we’re on the subject of things never changing, here the Texans are, again lacking any testicular fortitude on defense and everyone is calling for a defensive-minded coach.

What the Texans need is a coach such as Bill Cowher, who will not be afraid to entrust talented, strong-willed coordinators’ who may be gone in a few seasons. He would instill discipline, and force those on the roster to either shape up or ship out.

Ideally they could find a guy like Cowhers’ successor, Mike Tomlin ‘- an assistant who’s ready to take a shot at being a head coach. Then again, doesn’t that sound familiar?

Verdict: Tyler wins because the Texans have already gone the route of unproven coordinators. They’ need a proven commodity.

Facetime: Tyler Robinson --‘ The Titans are going to go 10-6, and if I’m lion, call me Tony the Tiger.

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