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TV series seasons wrap up

This season have wrapped up on sour and happy notes, leaving us much to expect from next spring.

Fans of the TV series Supernatural have been anticipating the conclusion of season five since the end of the Nov. 18 episode ‘Abandon All Hope.’ Unfortunately, they will have to wait almost two more months until the series returns Jan. 21.

The apocalypse is quickly creeping onto the shoulders of the Winchester boys; Lucifer has finally shown his face and is slowly bringing hell to Earth.’

The beginning of season five opened with the rise of Lucifer in the absence of God.

Now, the archangel Michael wants to take over Dean Winchester’s body as a vessel, while Sam Winchester is struggling in a battle to keep from becoming the antichrist.

With the Biblical turn Supernatural has taken, fans are questioning if season five will provide the closure they are begging for.

The show’s creator, Eric Kripke, promised that the show would come full circle in a Nov. 20 USA Weekend article. Kripke said Michael would make an appearance, but as several different vessels. It’s unclear whether he will eventually take over Dean’s body.

Kripke also said that God would finally appear this season. His appearance might be the very thing needed to cap off the season finale.

‘We’re just trying to figure out God’s motivation,’ Kripke said in the article. ‘Whatever message he delivers, it’s going to be the message of the show.’

Season three of Gossip Girl has been a bit dreary, but E! Online blogger Kristin Dos Santos said that the show would bring back the sizzle in 2010.

According to Dos Santos’ blog, a Gossip Girl insider said producers realized that the season was a bit boring, and they are planning on ‘bringing back the OMG.’

Blake Lively’s infamous character, Serena van der Woodsen, will be appearing in the New Year to ruffle some feathers.

The naughty duo, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, seemed to have lost their fire this season, but Dos Santos said that fans can expect the flames to re-ignite when the series continues.

Sources also speculate that Chuck’s dead father, Bart Bass, will come back from the dead as a ghost.

‘There’s a huge storyline later this season that is going to blow you away. It involves Chuck and Jack Bass and Chuck’s mother,’ Dos Santos’ source said.

Let’s hope these rumors will ring true when the show returns March 8.

‘Glee’ returns in April to excite musical hearts

Glee is set to end Dec. 9, and according to sources from the spoiler alert Web site, the show will return to Fox on April 3.

The New Year is expected to bring about fresh ideas and a new time slot for the loveable comedy of 8 p.m. Tuesdays.

Also, a Michael Jackson-themed episode is rumored to be running in early February.

HBO’s Big Love and NBC’s Chuck return to the airwaves Jan. 10, CBS’ How I Met Your Mother returns Jan. 11, ABC Family’s Greek returns Jan. 25 and The Office will make a comeback Feb. 4.

New ‘Scrubs’ cast plan to continue laughter

People missing their favorite television shows this holiday season should tune into the premiere of the ninth season of Scrubs on Dec. 1 on ABC.

Although Dr. John Dorian – played by Zach Braff – will not be returning to the show, an October article said he will have a recurring role.

Sarah Chalke, who plays Elliot Reid, will also return to the show in a limited capacity, but veteran stars Donald Faison, John C. McGinley and Neil Flynn will be returning alongside a new cast. Let’s hope ABC can keep the revamped version of Scrubs afloat.

Many other shows will be returning, so keep a lookout for the winter TV Guide to catch up on this holiday season’s television schedule.

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