From the drab to the fab

Tina Fey | Getty Images

Kate Hudson | Getty Images

Now that the Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards are done for this year, it’s time to take a look back at the styles the women of Hollywood chose to display on the red carpet.

While the styling at the Golden Globes featured mainly long, flowing gowns, the styling at the Screen Actors Guild Awards featured short, casual dresses, along with more tight-fitted gowns.

Tina Fey was applauded for her wardrobe change at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. At the Golden Globes, she walked onto the red carpet wearing a full-skirted, strapless Zac Posen dress, which took away from her physique and made her look plump. Fortunately, Fey took a dramatic turn this past weekend when she was photographed wearing a purple knee-length dress that fit her curves well and flaunted her physique in a positive light.

Another noteworthy wardrobe decision is that of Kate Hudson. She stayed loyal to the color white at both award ceremonies, but both dresses had the right amount of oomph. At the Golden Globes, Hudson wore a strapless gown with feathers and a Styrofoam-like cloth covering the upper bodice. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Hudson chose to move the oomph to her backside, and she sported a backless dress with a boat neckline. In both dresses, Hudson succeeded in wowing audiences.

From the upgrades between the two award ceremonies, there are definitely some downgrades worth discussing: Sandra Bullock and Anna Paquin.

At the Golden Globes, Bullock looked stunning in a plum Bottega Venetta gown that amplified her physique and looked great with her skin tone. Unfortunately, Bullock’s black-with-blue-sequins Alexander McQueen gown at the SAGs was not appealing to the eyes. It was plain and looked a too professional for the red carpet.

Anna Paquin of True Blood made a mistake by assuming that she was to dress for a social mixer at the SAGs. From her fabulous golden gown at the Golden Globes, she resorted to a short cocktail dress with a plunging neckline, similar to her Golden Globes gown. From head to toe, Paquin looked unprepared for the red carpet, but hopefully that mishap will teach her an important lesson for the future.

With two of the four most prominent award ceremonies over, the Grammy Awards and the Oscars still remain. The fate of the ladies of Hollywood and their red carpet appearances at these upcoming events is still undecided, but let’s hope there are more upgrades than the hideous downgrades seen from the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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