UH needs to focus on little things

As some of you may know, The Daily Cougar offices were moved at the end of the Fall 2009 semester into the University Center Satellite to accommodate the School of Communication’s expansion.

Instead of working out of the ground floor of Communications Building, The Daily Cougar staff is now situated next to the restrooms in the back of the Satellite — hopefully not indicative of what the University thinks of us.

On one hand, being placed in such a close proximity to the restrooms can be quite handy at times.

Recently, however, it has become a bit of an inconvenience.

In the men’s Satellite restroom, there are six stalls, five urinals, six sinks and of course five soap dispensers.

On Monday, three of the dispensers were completely empty.

By Thursday, only a single dispenser had soap and even it was almost out.

UH has become so engrossed with more prominent issues such as going green and attaining flagship status that it has forgotten how to take care of the little things.

Something as simple as basic hygiene apparently isn’t important to UH.

If it doesn’t do anything to advance public perception of the school, apparently the administration doesn’t really care.

Fox 26 News coming to shoot a piece on recycling? No problem, UH will make it a top priority.

Want to wash your hands after going to the bathroom? Sorry kids, but filling the soap dispensers regularly is a bit further down the to-do list.

The Satellite is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Students eat, sleep, study and congregate here.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of people come through the Satellite each day.

It’s hard to imagine that given the current situation everyone who uses the men’s restroom washes their hands. In fact, this situation is quite ironic considering students have been repeatedly told by University health officials to fight H1N1 by simply washing our hands.

Although keeping the restrooms stocked won’t do as much for UH’s profile as going green, it would definitely help the school clean up something other than its image.

Alan Dennis is a communication senior and may be reached at [email protected]

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