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Super Bowl still suffers from Janet’s wardrobe slipup

The Who performed during the halftime of Sunday’s Super Bowl, and though it is a great band and legendary in the rock community, young people who watch the big game every year are starting to get bored.

Who’s to blame? We’ll tell you.

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, that’s who.

In Super Bowl XXXVIII, in our city of all places, at the end of a duet performance during halftime, Timberlake “accidentally” ripped off half of Jackson’s top, showing her exposed breast and a nipple ring.

Coincidentally, the lyric to which Timberlake grabbed Jackson’s top – to the beat, by the way – happened to be, “I’m gonna’ have you naked by the end of this song.”

To which a commentator replied, “Choose your words wisely.”

Sure, it was controversial; unforgivable, even. But young people happen to compose a large part of the Super Bowl’s audience. For this reason, a lot of us would probably still tune in at halftime if we liked the musicians playing.

Instead, we usually take this time to go play a game or two of beer pong.

The organizers behind the Super Bowl need to take the time to realize who their audience is and what they want to watch.

If it’s Soulja Boy – who some of us at The Daily Cougar don’t necessarily approve of, or like for that matter – so be it. It’s what the fans and viewers want to see, so give it to them. Stop punishing us for Timberlake and Jackson’s mistake.

Or, here’s a crazy thought, relatively independent and unknown groups could play. AT&T, Sprint, Rhapsody and other companies are capitalizing on lesser-known bands being cheaper to buy music from and use in commercials. In turn, said bands get coverage, sell more albums and get a little green in their pockets, too.

Everyone wins.

So Super Bowl aficionados, maybe Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse or Temper Trap could play at Super Bowl XLV. It could save you some money and actually please your audience.

Or at least give us Kings of Leon. None of their wardrobes will malfunction.

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