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For the men who are completely going haywire over finding the right outfit to wear on their perfectly planned dates for Valentine’s Day, never fear. Whether it’s a formal dinner or a casual outing, the perfect looks for the holiday of love are about to be discovered.

Dinner and a movie
Uh, oh. Planned to take her to Dolce Vita for dinner and then head to Edward’s Cinema to see the most anticipated Valentine’s Day? Lucky for you, an emergency shopping spree won’t be necessary, but you still need to look presentable.

Just because it’s a casual date does not mean you put on some rugged shorts and a polo. You must go a little further with a pair of jeans and a cute button-up shirt. And if that’s a bit difficult to find in your closet, a quick trip to Abercrombie & Fitch will serve you well.

A picnic in the park
You’re headed to Hermann Park with a basket full of food and a fabulous girl in hand. The right attire must be the least of your worries, right?

Wrong. A picnic is personal, which makes your date pay close attention to your pants, your belt, your shirt and even your hair. Since it is an outdoor picnic, you want to be comfortable and definitely not too hot.

Perhaps a pair of cotton twill postal shorts and a short-sleeve T-shirt from American Apparel would be the right choice. Match those with a pair of Sperry’s and delicious food in your basket and you’re golden.

Fancy dinner for two
Dinner reservations at Mark’s American Cuisine? You’re almost toast. Girls are great with dressing up of for such fancy dinners, so you will definitely need to step up and show her your done-up side.

First, shave and trim your hair. She’ll be looking at your face the entire time, and you don’t want to have stubble and untidy locks.
The essentials for this outfit include tight-fitted slacks, a button-up dress shirt, a skinny tie and a vest.

Mixing and matching some colors would be very stylish of you, but if you want to stay safe, stick with black or gray. And if you need any advice, the wonderful people at J. Crew would be delighted.

Perfect weekend getaway
Flying away to a nice resort out on the coast of Miami? More than just one outfit will be required to fulfill your fun-filled weekend.
For the flight to and from, a pair of jeans with a T-shirt from Urban Outfitters could be your best friend.

For casual lounging in and around the resort, perhaps a pair of cargo shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch paired with a rugged, button-up plaid shirt from Levi’s would fit the bill.

American Apparel offers a good selection of swim trunks for the beach, so stop by one in Houston or maybe even in Miami. And resorting to Express or J. Crew for more formal dinner fittings on Valentine’s night would be a great idea.

Single and ready to mingle
So we’ve focused on the “taken,” but don’t worry — all you single men have not been forgotten.

Valentine’s night will be a great night to go out to a club or bar and meet other single ladies, who will probably be out with their many single friends.

Chances are you will meet girls that you haven’t seen before, so remember that the first impression is the last impression and make sure to look your best.

For a casual night at Belvedere or Lucky Strike Bowling Lounge, put on your best tight-fitted khakis, a brown Marc Jacobs belt and a white button-up shirt to be perfectly tucked away in those khakis. The ladies will come directly to you.

Being stylish isn’t so hard, after all. Valentine’s Day is a holiday in which you enjoy time with your loved one or catch up with old friends, and there’s absolutely no reason to not look your best.

So put away those gym shorts and T-shirts and treat yourself with a slight wardrobe change. After all, you’re doing it for a good reason.

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  • Sounds like the author has a perfect idea for the perfect guy..well written with superb ideas, though, id have to say tight fitted pants, button up with sleeves rolled up, a vest and a bow tie. many guys cant pull it off, but for the rest of us, itll fit the bill and more..she wont be able to keep her hands off of you. and dont forget the half-messy hair, make it look like you put in effort, but not as much as her..good luck to all the lucky guys with those beautiful ladies.

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