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Friday, June 9, 2023

Fine Arts

Gallery adds to modern art scene

Tucked away in a humble, upper-River Oaks facility, the Vaughan Christopher Gallery is a relatively new addition to Houston’s art culture. 

“We typically gear towards the modern art pieces from anyone from (Andy) Worhol to (Pablo) Picasso,” gallery director Jay Erdmann said. “We like to bring a variety of contemporary works to display on our walls, that we purchase from auctions nation-wide.”

Erdmann joined gallery owners Amy Vaughan King and Ginger Christopher Wright after moving from Dallas, where he served as an art consultant and director of MLG Dallas gallery for five years. King and Wright have an extensive background in art-collection and appreciation internationally. 

 “We get a wide range of people who come into these doors, from school visits to art buffs looking to add to their collection,” Erdmann said. “I forget at times people’s fascination to art they’ve never seen before. Most people have heard of (Pablo) Picasso and (Henry) Matisse, but few have ever seen one up close.”

Perhaps this is what is so unique about the gallery. Unlike many cold and rigid, white-walled museums and exhibits, Vaughan Christopher’s cozy two-story hardwood hallways allow visitors to roam the gallery with a feeling of ease and serenity while taking in the exquisite works displayed. 

From surrealist forms to contemporary pop art, Vaughan Christopher Gallery struts an impressive selection assured to satisfy any taste. It offers an intimate face-to-face look at some of the world’s most featured artists. 

“In order for one to accumulate their own opinion about what they like in art or in anything for that matter, they should be exposed to a variety of different pieces to formulate their own opinion,” Erdmann said. “That’s what I love about art galleries, if you don’t like a piece move on to the next. Everyone’s different . . . I’m sure my mother and I find different likings to different pieces.” 

With today’s mass assortment in abstract modern art, it is sometimes difficult for one to decipher what is real art and what is deemed phony or ‘bogus’ art. Worhol’s cans, for which he is noted for, could have easily been mistaken for a bogus claim to art.

 “People find different tastes for different works,” Erdmann said. “The only way (for them) to make an educated assessment of a piece is to know their art, and to know their artists, and to trust only reputable sellers and exhibits.

“Only through exposure can one truly find their art niche.”

One would not have any problem formulating his own palette from Vaughan Christopher’s collection featuring international prints from artists such as Worhol, Picasso, Matisse, Takashi Murakami, and Steve Kaufman. The gallery offers students an alternative place of enjoyment and culture that should not be missed. 

 “Our upcoming function American Pop is an open house event planned for April 22,” Erdmann said.

Visitors can expect to view works from artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Worhol and Kaufman.

The gallery runs five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, and is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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