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Saturday, September 30, 2023


Governor vies to keep seat

Gov. Rick Perry said his agenda, if elected for a third term, would focus on job creation and the state’s economy and education. | Courtesy of Texans for Rick Perry

Incumbent Republican Gov. Rick Perry has been in office since 2000 and doesn’t plan on relinquishing his seat any time soon.

If elected governor in the Nov. 2 election, Perry will serve his third four- year term as the states leader.

In the upcoming March 2 primary for gubernatorial race, he will receive competition from fellow republican candidates Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Debra Medina.

According to the latest polls from, Perry leads all candidates with 40 percent of the early votes.

If re-elected, Perry has a set of priorities that have been developing for the last nine years including, the economy, fiscal responsibility, helping small business and education.

Perry’s campaign deputy secretary Catherine Frazier said Perry’s main focus during this term will be the economy.

“Governor Perry’s priority is to keep Texas moving forward and maintain our state’s comparative economic strength to the rest of the nation,” Frazier said via e-mail.

According to Perry’s campaign Web site, Texas has gained more than 630,000 new jobs over the last three years, and shows no sign of slowing down.

During a debate earlier this year, Perry said one of his main focuses will be to continue to create more jobs for Texans.

“We have people without work in Texas and we have to work every day to make sure every Texans who wants a job has a job,” he said.  “The other simple truth is that Texas is the land of opportunities. People move here that there is something special going on in Texas.”

Frazier said Perry will not over tax entrepreneurs so they can succeed “by their own merits.”

“Because of conservative leadership, entrepreneurs know that they can succeed on their own merits in Texas without being over taxed, over regulated or frivolously sued out of existence,” she said.

Frazier said in order to uphold fiscal responsibility Perry proposed that the Texas constitution be amended, to require two-thirds of the Legislature to approve tax increases and to limit spending growth to the rates of the population and inflation.

“Such approaches to fiscal responsibility will empower Texas to weather the challenging global economy and stand against the misguided and out of control spending coming out of Washington,” she said.

In regards to education, Frazier said Perry wants to expand the Uteach Program, to include five or more universities, in order to recruit more university students earning degrees in science and math into teaching.

He is also looking to expand the state’s Virtual School Network, which allows high school students to take courses online.  Frazier said this program bring backs students who have dropped out.

Another way Perry wants to improve education is make it a requirement for all high school-age children to be enrolled in school in order to get and keep their driver’s license.

“This will not only give local school districts another tool in their efforts to reduce dropouts, it will also give students an incentive to do the work that will prepare them to compete in the workforce,” Frazier said.

Frazier said Perry, if re-elected, will continue with the work he has been doing these past years.

“Under Governor Perry’s leadership, we will stick to our principles and effectively answer these challenges,” she said. “Governor Perry will use his experience provide the transportation, electricity and water infrastructure Texas needs to meet the demands of its growing population and continue prospering.”

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