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Primary voter turnout, outcome disappointing

Another primary gone by, and, yet again, the voter turnout has been abysmal. The Texas Secretary of State’s Office said Wednesday that turnout was slightly more than 2.1 million, or 16.5 percent of registered voters.

Did you know the UH System is comprised of 61,000 students? UH Main Campus is home to 37,000 of those students. How many of us voted?

If you did, take pride in your actions. If you didn’t, you still have a chance to redeem yourself and help get Rick Perry out of office.

A poll conducted by The Daily Cougar last week showed 85.99 percent of Democratic UH students likely voting in the Democratic primary favor of Bill White, but 52.78 percent of Republican student voters supported Perry. Has the latter been paying attention?

Need we remind you that Perry is a vampire? We mean it figuratively, but it might be true literally as well. And while 52.4 percent of the students polled disapprove of Perry’s performance as governor, 43.1 percent approve. Who are these people?

“Chalk another one up for Perry,” said commenter Brian on “He’s practically won the gubernatorial election now, as Bill White has no chance. It’s too bad the guy cares nothing for our university or our city. He’ll support Texas A&M, far before he will support any initiatives that the University of Houston and Houston will set forth. This is a sad day for our institution.”

We agree 100 percent.

Sure, Perry’s a true Texan; he’s pro-guns, pro-life, pro-Texas, against taxes, etc., ad nauseum… but Texas is carrying $33 billion debt, second only to California, and the state is projecting a $17 billion deficit next year. The federal government is teetering on financial ruin and we are compelled to focus on the absolute gravity of the fiscal difficulties ahead of us.

Texas is facing a multitude of problems, including increased college tuition, rising property taxes, high dropout rates and low test scores.

“Perry’s problem is his job performance,” White said in the Austin American Statesman. You don’t have to believe us; look it up.

Is this the Texas you want?

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  • Well I was kinda hoping for Rush to open his mouth and ruin it for Perry like he did McCain by getting Obama elected, but what do you expect from a college drop out… Check the story out

  • “Has the latter been paying attention?”,

    “Perry is a vampire? We mean it figuratively, but it might be true literally as well”

    “Who are these people?”

    These are juvenile comments unbecoming of an editorial board. If the daily cougar wants to be taken seriously, and wants thousands in our student fees, it should avoid such unprofessional comments. You would never see such petty attacks in a real paper.

  • Reading the sour grapes at a liberal bastion like the “cougar” only makes my conservative heart go pitter-patter. Gov. Perry will steam roll your democrat wanna be come December and you know it.
    Last thing we need is a sanctuary city mayor running the whole state; No thank you.

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