Spring brings change to fashion

Leggings were a hit last season and will likely remain in style for a while, Daily Cougar columnist Shaziya Bandukia writes. | Wikimedia Commons

Because of the cold weather and inches of rain, some of us have forgotten that spring is right around the corner. Those heavy jackets and boots are about to be taken over by mini-dresses, skirts, shorts and open-toed sandals.

But like every spring, the new trends are out and different, just waiting to be sported by beautiful women.

Judging from the spring fashion week, the first thing that adds the must factor to anyone’s wardrobe is a plain-black boyfriend blazer. The outfit’s best asset is that it can be worn both casually and semi-formally.

For example, this one blazer can be worn with a pair of destroyed denim shorts and a plain tank top for the day. Come nightfall, the blazers looks great with a mini-dress, with or without leggings. People can wear it with various pairs of jeans and many different kinds of accessories. So for those who normally need to change outfits throughout the day, the boyfriend blazer is a definite must.

Leggings made their way into our lives last season and are not going anywhere. We have seen liquid leggings and those satiny, slightly transparent leggings, but a new type of legging has come into play this season: denim leggings.

These leggings are made with denim material, but are just as tight and flexible as any other legging one may wear. Denim or not, these articles can complement remotely anything and still look fabulous.

The fashion world has overcome its tendency toward tightness in clothing and now strongly revolves around loose-fitted jeans, shirts and sweaters. Loose boyfriend jeans can be worn with tighter tops, while flimsy shirts can be worn with jeans or skirts.

But remember to never go overly loose, such as wearing boyfriend pants with a boyfriend tunic. Baggy pants must only be worn with a not-so-baggy top and vice versa. Plus, these relaxed fits are great for hiding any pounds gained during winter.

Leaving the best for last is the main ensemble of the spring season: dresses. Whether short or long, dresses are always in style. This season a wide range of almost-maxi dresses are making a huge comeback. Shorter dresses are seen with light sweaters and blazers, while long and short-sleeve T-shirts are worn underneath dresses that reveal most of the back and shoulders.

Dresses come in millions of styles, so consumers must pay close attention to what style and length looks good with your body type and skin tone.

The first day of spring is March 20, but the weather’s already getting warmer. To be set for spring break and the weeks after that, dig in your closet for old dresses and purchase must-haves, such as blazers and leggings.

Then you will be set to look “chic” this spring.

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