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Polls show legislation not solution people wanted

In a recent poll survey, CBS News reported that most of the nation is not in favor of the health care reform bill that was passed Monday and is now sitting on President Barack Obama’s desk waiting to be signed.

During his presidential campaign, Obama used his proposed reform as a major talking point, citing multiple problems with the system in place. But for all the cheering and talk of change, not much really has; politicians still aren’t listening to their constituents.

The poll results showed that 57 percent of Democrats and 61 percent of Republicans think the bill is being forced through for mostly political reasons.

While approval ratings for both parties’ management of the issue has risen, the increase has only been slight.

According to, only 32 percent of Americans support the congressional Democrats’ actions concerning health care, which is quite a low number — especially considering that it’s a seven-point increase since October. Sixty percent of America still disapproves.

When discussing the reform, most people have taken one of two sides. Liberals cite fat cat billionaires who can skip waiting lines for open heart surgery or a new brain — it hasn’t happened yet, but it could — hogging all the medicine. Conservatives, on the other hand, feel that they have earned the right to choose their doctor, never mind the poor.

But since most of America is somewhere in between those two camps, why is that all we’ve heard for the past year? And did you all know there was a student loan reform tied into all of this?

We didn’t either, until Sunday night. It must have been one of those inserts they snuck in at the last minute.

For all this talk of change and representation of the people, you’d think the masses had just regained control of the country.

So support the reform if you like, but the bottom line is that most people aren’t behind it. Whether it’s for the greater good or not, that’s nothing to celebrate about.

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  • New Gallup poll out showing that the public is in favor of the bill that just passed, by a 9% margin. So much for this bogus argument, one hopes.

  • ^We’re talking about the previous poll (the article was obviously written around when that poll was released) so I fail to see how its anywhere near a bogus argument. 10 bucks says that 9% margin probably accumulated due to nappy-headed urchins just now hearing that Obamination managed to pass that travesty of a “bill.”

    The fact remains that you along with everyone else who supports the “bill” are complete and total idiots/puppets (I don’t know which is the lesser of the two or whats more fitting for that matter) or just total slobs wanting to mooch off other peoples’ hard work.

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