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Daily Cougar endorses Reyes in runoff election

Two weeks ago, Student Government Association elections were held to appoint a new president and vice president, as well as new senators, for the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 semesters.

We at The Daily Cougar decided to endorse Carlos Reyes for president and Matthew Davis for vice president because of their agenda and commitment to working for the student body.

There will be a runoff election today and Thursday between Reyes and Prince Wilson to determine who the SGA’s next president will be, and our support for Reyes has not changed.

The Daily Cougar hosted a debate between the two candidates Tuesday, and in our eyes, Reyes distinguished himself as the more-qualified candidate. His ideas and solutions on how to fix some of the problems at the University are more realistic than Wilson’s.

On the matter of parking, Wilson announced his plan at the debate to institute a rental car program for students as a way to alleviate congested parking lots. Reyes, on the other hand, touted the virtues of the programs already in place, which he said he would do more to educate students about.

Reyes also said he wanted to improve the quality of security provided to students around campus.

Both men have good ideas, but Reyes seems more intent on being a steward of University students by seeking out their input.

While it is true that Wilson has a great deal of experience, having served as vice president under President Kenneth Fomunung, we feel that the student body would benefit from a new administration with different ideas.

Reyes and Davis will provide that leadership, as well as the service necessary to lead UH in the right direction as the school faces unprecedented challenges from a faltering economy, the addition of a MetroRail line and the pitfalls associated with attempting to attain flagship status.

Reyes will do an excellent job dealing with these issues and representing University students, and that is why we support his candidacy for president.

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