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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Staff Editorial

Workers should appreciate their jobs, respect students

In an economy in which nothing is certain, people should be appreciative for the jobs they have, even if they aren’t dream jobs. Unfortunately, at our University, a lot of workers simply aren’t. And they make that very clear to our student body.

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge that many of them are grateful. We at The Daily Cougar are on campus late hours, and we see many of the staff members on a regular basis. Some of them are great ⎯ hard-working people with good attitudes who have good and bad days just like the rest of us.

We appreciate everything they do.

But there are others who don’t even make eye contact with us, or any other students for that matter, and even go as far as to be blatantly rude to us when we’re waiting in line or ordering.

Two weeks ago, one member of the editorial board went to Chili’s Too. After ordering chips, queso and hot wings, all of which are appetizers, he sat down at the bar and waited … for 35 minutes. When his food was finally brought to him, they had forgotten the queso. Mistakes happen, so he politely reminded them that he needed the queso then waited another five minutes. He didn’t complain or make a scene. He just waited.

When the queso was brought to him, an employee told him that it might be a little cold. Not even an apology was offered.

It’s this kind of attitude donned by workers that makes UH a not-so-friendly place for students. What must visitors think when they visit us?

You’d think everyone would be appreciative of their jobs because someone out there would be more than willing to take their place, probably for less money and with a better attitude.

We at The Daily Cougar all appreciate the opportunities we’re given. We’re aware that many universities no longer have school papers, so we work hard and try to earn our keep. It’s a privilege to work, not a right.

Students, workers and everyone with roofs over their heads should be thankful, too, because it could be much, much worse.

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