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Banquet honors NSBE members

The National Society of Black Engineers will be hosting a scholarship banquet today to celebrate its accomplishments and cast a vision for the future.

The banquet will be held at 7 p.m. in the Oberholtzer ballroom, located on the second floor of Oberholtzer Hall.

UHNSBE will celebrate its success as an organization and honor some of the chapter’s most outstanding members, finance chair Olaide Quadry said.

There will be door prizes, such as TI-89 calculators, and awards will be given to those with the most community service.

Representatives from supportive corporations such as Marathon, Exxon Mobile, FMC Technologies, Conoco, Cameron and Fluor will be present.

“This banquet will (also) show the companies our future plans,” Quadry said.

Scholarships will also be awarded to members of UHNSBE. Two scholarships will be given from among the companies, and six will be awarded from NSBE, Quadry said.

UHNSBE will also introduce next year’s officers and recognize the officers from 2009-2010.

For entertainment, the chapter has asked a step team called ACTS, a singer and poet to perform.

UHNSBE aims to provide resources and mentorship to black students majoring in science, technology, engineering or math.

“(We) want black engineers to socialize together and get the tools they need,” Quadry said.

With the diversity on campus, it can be difficult to find a place to fit in, Quadry said, but with the help of UHNSBE, he has been able to discover where he stands as a black engineering student.

“I’ve been able to grow myself (and) to get out of my shell,” he said.

Being in a regular organization where multiple ethnicities and backgrounds combine, it can be difficult to find students who understand one’s history and culture, Quadry said.

“You don’t get the motivation from people from your background that have made it,” he said.

With the support of fellow black STEM majors, it is easier to succeed and find motivation in such a difficult career, Quadry said.

Throughout the year, the organization works to promote its vision around the community and on campus.

UHNSBE partners up with high schools and middle schools around Houston to encourage students in their math and science endeavors.

One UHNSBE program is the Pre-College Initiative, in which the chapter makes an effort to assist students in grades 6-12 in their math and science skills.

The chapter also attends math competitions with students from around the area to show support and raise awareness of the importance of education.

Aside from helping out around the community, the organization also participates in the NSBE regional and national conferences every year. This year, NSBE chapters from around the country gathered in Toronto for the national conference.

NSBE also hosts the Engineering Career Fair to provide minorities with the tools and resources needed to land a successful job.

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