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Daily Cougar misrepresents truth about SSDP

This commentary is a response to a feature photo with the headline “Helping or hurting the cause?” which ran in The Daily Cougar on Wednesday.

As the faculty advisor for the Students for Sensible Drug Policy, I was dismayed to see the picture of the bake sale that they held on Tuesday, 4/20, accompanied by text claiming that they were “UH students supporting the legalization of marijuana.”

If the person who wrote the text had taken the time to speak to any of the students involved in SSDP, they would have learned that they were petitioning for a Good Samaritan Policy at UH, which is totally unrelated to the legalization of any drugs, including marijuana.

Fabricating a story line such as this is irresponsible journalism, and the Cougar owes SSDP both an apology and formal retraction of the story that was printed.

Susan Robbins is an associate professor at the Graduate College of Social Work and may be reached at [email protected]

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  • Get in line. It’s not the first time the hacks at the Daily Cougar have allowed grave fabrication and misrepresentation in order to have a story to meet their quotas.

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