Staff Editorial

New staff, new perspective to school publication

As far as newspapers go, The Daily Cougar has a high turnover rate, but that’s just the way it is with a college newspaper; editors, writers and production staff are trained and let loose into the “real world,” and those of us who are left behind usually move up the ranks and always wish our fellow staffers a fond farewell.

This past semester was no different. And with the Summer 2010 semester beginning, the Cougar editorial board is almost completely brand new, and with the new staff comes new ideas and directions for our University’s paper to take.

This semester, we’re hoping to expand our coverage. The Cougar will continue to be the campus watchdog, but we will also be reporting more of what our readers want to read about; we’ll be at Discovery Green, Fitzgerald’s and Agora. From Meyerland to the Heights and from Clear Lake to Kingwood, we know that our student body comes from all areas of the city of Houston, and we want to be a newspaper worth your time. In order to do that, we hope to receive a lot of feedback from you, our readers.

Are we covering events and issues that are important to you? Are there any new bars or restaurants opening on your side of town that you’d like to read a review for?

The members of our current staff all have experience in the world of journalism in different ways. Some of us have written for other publications and others have been on staff for years, but we have come together with the common goal of putting out a once-weekly, quality newspaper that you all will want to pick up every Wednesday. And we will be doing updates to the Cougar’s Web site on a regular basis, too, and we hope to stay relevant and fun while you all endure the summer semester, which always feels longer than it should. And if it’s any condolence, many of us are enrolled in summer school, too. So we feel your pain. If nothing else, we promise to keep the Sudoku.


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